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  • Daniel Brayfield

Property Managers, Lettings Agents & Managing Agents - can we help with your fire safety?

If you're a property manager, lettings agent or managing agent, have you considered your responsibility for fire safety within the premises you manage?

You may be surprised to find out that you have a legal responsibility to ensure the premises is fire safety compliant, regardless of whether you own the leasehold, freehold or both!

Fire safety law does not discriminate, it specifically states the following: -

In this Order “responsible person” means—

(a)in relation to a workplace, the employer, if the workplace is to any extent under his control;

(b)in relation to any premises not falling within paragraph (a)—

(i)the person who has control of the premises (as occupier or otherwise) in connection with the carrying on by him of a trade, business or other undertaking (for profit or not); or

(ii)the owner, where the person in control of the premises does not have control in connection with the carrying on by that person of a trade, business or other undertaking.

If you need to arrange fire risk assessments for a property you manage, please do not hesitate to call us on 0333 444 1 390 to discuss and we can assist you in achieving fire safety compliance.

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