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If you're unsure if you require a fire risk assessment, or need assistance in choosing an assessor, we are able to advise you on any fire risk assessment query - call us on 0333 444 1 390 and we can advise you instantly your Brighton fire risk assessment requirements.

We carry out  fire risk assessments for all types of premises and client in Brighton, East Sussex, from three bed HMO's to large industrial units we can provide a quality, informative fire risk assessment to suit your needs.

We also offer free after support to help you in reaching compliance with the legislation relevant to you, we know that fire safety terms can be complex and hard to understand but we can walk you through each step of the remedial report to keep fire safety simple, and easy to manage and understand.

Need a fire risk assessment fast?

Our same day fire risk assessment service can get you a new fire risk assessment or fire risk assessment review for your premises in Brighton in place within hours.

Contact us today on 0333 444 1 390 to discuss availability. 

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What can I expect my fire risk assessment to cover?

Whilst most Brighton fire risk assessment companies work to the PAS 79 standardized format, we do not believe this is exhaustive enough, so our fire risk assessments are built around the PAS 79 format, with additional sections and areas of assessment that have been picked up from working with various fire agencies across the UK and their requirements - in our experience it is not uncommon for a PAS 79 format risk assessment to be rejected by auditors, if you are an ISO company or hold third party accreditation that assesses the suitability of your fire safety arrangements. The items covered in our fire risk assessments are too extensive to list , but below is a condensed overview of what to expect.

  • Fire Safety Management

  • Building Occupation

  • Capacity

  • Evacuation

  • Escape Routes & Fire Exit

  • Building Construction

  • Fire Safety Equipment

  • Personnel Training

  • Storage & Housekeeping

Who is responsible for arranging a fire risk assessment?

The "responsible person" in a workplace is normally the employer, if they have control over the premises, to any extent, even if the workplace is shared, or leased.

In the event that multiple people have control over the premises, the fire safety order does not place emphasis on one of them to be responsible for fire safety within the premises, but in fact both of them are responsible. The same applies for landlord and managing agents - you cannot impose the responsibility on someone else, they are just additionally responsible for the fire safety arrangements too.

To keep our advice unbiased, please click the logo links below to find impartial, up to date advice from the relevant fire brigades.

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